Abdominoplasty case study

When I was a youngster I always had a "podgy" tummy but I was never overweight.

Years went by, got married had two children, who are now adults with their own families.

A tummy tuck is something my friend and I had always talked about, and said if one day we could afford it, we would definitely have done.

One day, whilst travelling into town, I saw an open evening advertised for cosmetic surgery, so my first thought was to get in touch.

I discussed the matter with my husband before making the appointment, and his reaction was that he didn't feel I needed to have anything done, but if I wanted to go along and discuss the matter further he would come along with me with an open mind.

I saw Mr Wilson and explained what I would like to have done. In return he went into great detail explaining the procedure to myself and my husband. I was informed I would be an ideal candidate as I was not carrying any extra weight, and having looked at scars from previous operations, said that I obviously heal very well. He told me to go away and think about this very seriously, as it is a big operation and not to be taken lightly.

My next course of action was to obtain a quotation. Once I received this, I still felt I wanted to go ahead. However, I did make a further appointment to discuss queries. This was absolutely no problem to Mr Wilson, and I immediately knew that I wanted to go ahead with the operation.

The appointment came through, with all the necessary reading literature relating to the operation. It was now just a matter of waiting. In the meantime, my own GP was also copied in advising him of my intentions in case I had a medical problem that would prevent me from going ahead.

Prior to the operation, I had a pre-assessment at the hospital concerned.

One week prior to the date of the operation, I was suddenly having second thoughts. However, having spoken with my husband, my doctor, and then with Christine, Mr Wilson's secretary, I got things back into perspective.

The day of the operation arrived, Mr Wilson was waiting for me as soon as I arrived. Once again he explained the procedure, took photographs of my tummy, marking where I would be cut and informing me the anaesthetist would be coming to see me shortly. I signed the consent forms. Mr Wilson said he would check on me once I had come round from the operation.

Before I knew it the operation was over, and I was back in my private room.

I spent two nights in hospital.

I saw Mr Wilson after week one, when he took out the stitches around my tummy button, and checked the wound was healing o.k. He was very pleased with everything.

It is now three weeks since the operation, and I am absolutely delighted. I feel good (admittedly, I am not running a marathon), I am healing extremely well, and the most important thing is. I LOOK GOOD, I HAVE A FLAT TUMMY, I HAVE A WAIST.

I have been asked do I regret going through with it, most definitely not. I wish I could have done it a lot earlier. So now's the time, to enjoy every minute of the new confident me!

Thank you Mr Wilson, for doing such a wonderful job.

  • The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
  • The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons
  • The Royal College of Surgeons of England