Arm lift surgery – technically referred to as Brachioplasty surgery – is a procedure to remove excess skin from the upper arms, helping to remove and reduce ‘bingo wings’ that many women experience as they reach middle age.

Mr Sherif Wilson is an expert plastic surgeon who is able to perform arm lift surgery in either his Bristol, Bath or Gloucester practices. Mr Wilson can also perform other types of cosmetic surgery including breast lift surgery.

Why you might need arm lift surgery

Arms are increasingly an area that women, in particular, worry about over time. The appearance of loose skin on the upper arm is seen as a stigma of ageing, especially as they begin to hang down more loosely, creating ‘bingo wings’.

Arm lift surgery is often recommended after a significant amount of weight loss, which can leave excess skin in the upper arms. The difficulty with loose upper arm skin is that virtually the only treatment involves surgery. Women will very diligently go to the gym to try and tone their upper arms through exercise and weight lifting but invariably this makes little difference.

Before arm lift surgery

Before you decide if you want to go ahead with arm lift surgery, Mr Wilson will meet with you personally to talk through your options and what he advises for your specific case. If you decide to go ahead with Brachioplasty surgery, Mr Wilson can perform it at either Spire Bristol Hospital, BMI Bath Clinic or Winfield Hospital, Gloucester.

Arm lift procedure

Once loose skin is present the only way to treat it is through surgical removal. The surgery is normally carried out under a general anaesthetic either as a day case or as an overnight stay. The type of surgery required will depend on the extent of the problem and how much excess skin needs to be removed.

To ensure scars are less visible post surgery, usually a cut is made on the inside or back of the arm. The size of the cut will depend on the amount of excess skin there is to be removed, with only a small cut required if there is only a small amount of skin to be removed. Where a large amount of skin needs to be removed, the cut will likely be larger and could extend from above the elbow to the armpit.

Where any skin needs to be removed, a certain amount of scarring will be necessary in exchange for an improved upper arm contour.

After arm lift surgery

Typically, patients can return home the same day following arm lift surgery, although you may be required to stay in hospital overnight. Once you return it is very important to rest and relax. It is advised to take at least one week off work and to refrain from intense physical exercise – such as going to the gym or going for a run – for around six weeks. Lifting should be avoided initially to allow the arms to recover.

Arm lift reviews

From the very first appointment, Mr Wilson made me feel at ease and reassured. No decisions were rushed and he took the time to answer all questions carefully. As I work full time, Mr Wilson was very flexible with appointment times; always working around what was best for me. He is professional yet friendly and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

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