Labial reduction surgery – otherwise known as a labiaplasty – is a procedure to reduce the size and prominence of the vaginal lips. The procedure is designed to decrease the size and degree of protuberance of the labia minora, or ‘inner lips’ of the vagina.

Mr Sherif Wilson is an expert plastic surgeon who can perform labial reduction in Bristol, Bath or Gloucester.

Why you might need labial reduction surgery

The most common reason for women to request a labial reduction operation is because the labia are perceived to be too large and aesthetically un-pleasing. A small number of women state that the large size of their labia make them noticeable in tight clothing, or make sports such as cycling uncomfortable. Women can become self-conscious about the size and shape of their labia over time, and also after childbirth when the labia can change.

Preparing for labial reduction surgery

Before deciding if labial reduction surgery is right for you, it’s important you understand exactly how the surgery works and what you can expect post surgery. Mr Wilson will meet you personally during a consultation where he will talk you through the operation step-by-step. He will be happy to answer any questions and provide honest answers backed up by his vast plastic surgery experience.

Labiaplasty procedure

A labial reduction procedure is relatively simple operation, which normally takes no more than two hours to complete. Depending on the level of surgery required as advised by Mr Wilson, you may be put under general anaesthetic whilst the operation takes place. The majority of labiaplasty procedures though are performed under local anaesthetic. During the operation, Mr Wilson will trim any area within the labia that protrudes or is uneven, and will close any open areas with dissolvable stitches to prevent unnecessary scarring.

After labial reduction surgery

In most cases you are able to return home the same day as labial reduction surgery, with no need for an overnight stay in hospital. However, it is likely you will experience some pain and swelling for at least a few days after the operation.

After the operation you are advised to wear a sanitary towel for a week or so as there may be a small level of bleeding. You should avoid exercise for at least two weeks following the operation and sex for at least six weeks. The dissolvable stitches will be gone after two to three weeks.

Potential complications with labial reduction surgery

As with any plastic surgery, there is a risk of complications with labial reduction surgery although these are rare. If you experience bleeding in the labia after the operation it is likely you would need to return to theatre for the blood to be removed. An infection is also a possibility, and whilst extremely rare, painful scars can remain but usually settle within six weeks.

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