Breast augmentation surgery – also known as a boob job or breast enlargement surgery – is a procedure that is appropriate for patients looking to increase the size and fullness of their breast(s) and / or to correct minor sagging. Women who opt for breast enlargement surgery are usually those who have always had small breasts, or those who have lost breast volume after having children. Mr Sherif Wilson can perform breast augmentation Bristol, Bath or Gloucester.

Deciding if breast augmentation surgery is right for you

Women who opt for breast augmentation surgery are usually those who have always had small breasts, or those who have lost breast volume after having children. Having breast enlargement surgery can lead to increased self-confidence and an improved body balance, with the breasts feeling in more proportion with the rest of the body. Another option to breast augmentation surgery is breast lift surgery, which is a procedure to correct sagging breasts.

Whatever the reasons for considering breast augmentation surgery, only you can decide if it’s the right option for you. Mr Wilson will take great care in talking you through all of your options, but the end decision must always come from the person who may have the surgery.

What does the breast augmentation procedure involve?

Technically referred to as a mammoplasty, breast augmentation surgery uses breast implants to enlarge or improve the shape of the breasts. A breast implant consists of an outer shell and a filling material, which is most often silicone gel or sometimes salt water (referred to as saline). Some implants are round and others are shaped more like a natural breast referred to as tear drops or anatomical implants. Either can give excellent results. The manufacturers life expectancy of breast implants is 10 or more years, although implants can stay in without problems for a much longer time.

Implants can be placed either directly behind the breast (known as sub-glandular placement), or behind the breast and chest wall/muscle (known as sub-muscular placement). Mr Wilson will help you decide on the most appropriate implant to use as well as the best position. This depends on a number of factors including the size and shape of your breasts, the quality of your existing breast tissue and skin, and the size you would ideally like your breasts to be following surgery.

Breast enlargement surgery takes between one and one-and-a-half hours, and is done under general anesthetic .The implants are usually inserted using an incision under the breast at the crease. Once the pocket has been created, the implant is inserted and the incision wounds are stitched.

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Going home after breast augmentation surgery

You may be able to go home the same day after surgery, but many patients will spend one night in hospital. Patients are recommended to take around two weeks off work immediately after the operation in order to ensure they recuperate fully.

Where will my breast augmentation surgery take place?

Mr Wilson is able to perform breast enlargement surgery in three practices across the South West. These are:

  • Breast augmentation Spire Bristol Hospital
  • Breast augmentation BMI Bath Clinic
  • Breast augmentation Winfield Hospital (Gloucester)

What are the risks of breast augmentation surgery?

All breast enlargement procedures carry the risk of bleeding or infection. These risks are both less than 1%, but if they do occur will result in reoperation. Hardening, or encapsulation, around the implant is also a potential risk, and up to 10% of women over a ten year period will experience this problem. Implants are made to be very tough, but the envelope can gradually fail and a leak can occur. This is not usually a serious event, but once detected will necessitate removal and exchange of the implant.

Safety of silicone in breast augmentation surgery

Whatever the filling of the implant, the outer layer is made of silicone, which is a firm type of material referred to as silicone elastomer. Many studies have been conducted to establish whether silicone breast implants cause certain diseases. As a result of these studies we can say that at present there is no evidence to suggest that silicone breast implants are associated with an increased incidence of breast cancer. There is also no evidence to suggest that these implants cause autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

How much does breast augmentation surgery cost?

Depending on the type of procedure you require, the cost of breast augmentation surgery can vary. Please see prices below:

Breast augmentation Spire Bristol Hospital
£4,989 (rounded implants)
£5,125 (tear-drop shaped implants)

Breast augmentation BMI Bath Clinic
£5,185 (rounded implants)
£5,614 (tear-drop shaped implants)

Breast augmentation Winfield Hospital (Gloucester)
From £4,922

Breast augmentation reviews

Mr Wilson has a range of positive reviews for his breast augmentation surgery. Please find a sample below.

I chose to have my breast surgery with Mr Wilson based on his good reviews and I am very glad I did. Mr Wilson was friendly, honest and professional throughout, always put me at ease and understood my concerns. Most of all I am ecstatic with the result!

I have recently had a breast augmentation and have been so pleased with not only the result but the care of mr Wilson and all the staff at the spire which has been fantastic. Everything has been very efficient and I could book appointments for the times that suited me which is great for a busy mum!!!

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you did, before I had my implants I was so self conscious and embarrassed to take my top off even in front on my children. So I cannot thank you enough for making me feel like a woman again. I am so pleased with the outcome and your expertise and advise through the process made me feel at ease. Thank you so much I have more confidence now that I could have dreamed of.

Dr Wilson was fantastic during my breast augmentation surgery. Throughout the whole process Dr Wilson made me feel very comfortable. All of my appointments were on time and review appointments booked to suit my work. I felt very at ease on the day of the surgery, we’d had 2 appointments previous to go over everything and even after that I had no pressure at all to go ahead with the surgery and everything was discussed in detail. I’d highly recommend Dr Wilson, he’s friendly, professional, honest and caring approach with his work made me feel so comfortable with the whole procedure and very at ease.

While looking for someone to perform my breast augmentation surgery, a friend suggested Mr WIlson. She had had the same procedure and couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Bristol is actually a 2 hour drive from my home in Oxford but after meeting Mr Wilson I instantly felt at ease with him and new the drive would be worth it. From start to finish Mr Wilson and his team were professional and supportive. I couldn’t be happier with the results and can’t recommend him enough.

You can find these reviews and many more at Doctify and Realself.

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