Also known as reduction mammaplasty, breast reduction surgery removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with the body and to alleviate the discomfort associated with overly large breasts. Mr Sherif Wilson is an expert plastic surgeon who can perform breast reduction in Bristol, Bath or Gloucester.

Why you might need breast reduction surgery

Breast reduction can help relieve the physical symptoms associated with large or heavy breasts such as:

  • Breast discomfort
  • Neck ache, backache and shoulder pain
  • Skin irritations underneath the breast fold
  • Problems with clothes
  • Indented bra-straps
  • Difficulties and discomfort during exercise

On a purely cosmetic level, the operation can help patients who are unhappy with the shape, weight and droop of their breasts, by creating smaller and more uplifted breasts. Many patients with large breasts can be very self-conscious of their appearance and find that they attract unwanted attention.

Assessment for breast reduction surgery

If you decide you would like to go ahead with reduction mammaplasty surgery, Mr Wilson will be pleased to meet with you as many times as you like to ensure you are comfortable with the changes he will make. Breast reduction surgery is an important decision and Mr Wilson is here to talk you through everything before you make your decision.

Breast reduction procedure

During your consultation(s), Mr Wilson will discuss the different options you have for breast reduction surgery and the actual size of the reduction will be agreed with you before the surgery takes place.

In the majority of cases breast reduction surgery begins with the nipple, which is lifted into a new position. Excess skin and breast tissue is then removed, and the remaining breast tissue is reshaped to create a smaller and more elevated breast.

Breast reduction surgery is a fairly complex operation that takes between two to three hours to perform. The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic so you will not feel anything during the surgery. Patients are usually required to stay in hospital for one or two nights following a reduction mammaplasty. You will have some dressings on your breasts and often some drains (plastic tubes attached to suction bottles). The drains will usually be removed before you go home.

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Going home after breast reduction surgery

Following breast reduction surgery, you will return home with a supportive dressing which should be kept dry and clean. After a short period – usually around one week – you will return to see Mr Wilson to have the dressing removed.

As with any surgery, you will need to take it easy at home to help speed up your recovery. Although you will be mobile from day one, it is advised to take at least a week off of work to give the body time to recover.

Initially, strenuous exercise should be avoided but after six weeks you should be able to return to regular strenuous exercise. You should also avoid driving if possible until you no longer experience any pain when wearing a seatbelt. You may need to contact your car insurance provider regarding their policy on driving after surgery.

Risks with breast reduction surgery

Whilst breast reduction operations are generally regarded to be highly successful, there are various negatives and complications that patients need to consider. Most patients are delighted with the physical and cosmetic improvements that breast reduction brings. However, it is impossible to guarantee that a particular cup size will result. There will be minor asymmetries between your breasts.

Occasionally patients will bleed immediately after the operation and need to go back to the operating room for this to be dealt with. Most wound problems are minor and can be managed with simple dressings. In some cases, the operation can result in the loss of the nipple. Some patients will get alteration in the feeling of the breasts, this will often improve after the operation, but it is possible that you will lose feeling in a nipple. After many breast reduction techniques it will still be possible to breastfeed, but this ability might be lost.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

Depending on the type of procedure you require, the cost of breast reduction surgery can vary. Please see prices below:

Breast reduction Spire Bristol Hospital
From £6,962

Breast reduction BMI Bath Clinic
From £6,745

Breast reduction Winfield Hospital (Gloucester)
From £6,676

Breast reduction reviews

Mr Sherif Wilson did my breast and nipple reconstruction surgery and also breast reduction, he is an amazing surgeon helped me put my life back together after my treatment for cancer, he has an excellent bed side manner, felt extremely cared for. Mr Sherif Wilson is a highly recommended surgeon.

I cannot recommend Mr Wilson highly enough. He is the kindest, most patient man. He listened to what I wanted to achieve and asked the reasons for it, to make sure that I had seriously thought about it. There were no surprises as he explained everything to me beforehand. I am very pleased with my breast reduction and the scars are looking good after only 9 months. Thank you Mr Wilson and Georgina.

I had been thinking about having a breast reduction for many years, after meeting with Mr Wilson I knew had made the right decision . He listened to my concerns and he explained what was going to happen and when . The day of the operation he was very calming and again explained what was going to happen after the surgery he checked on me before he went home and then he was there in the morning too . I had several check ups over the following months to check everything was heading in the right direction and again he was very approachable and I always left feeling more confident . I would recommend Mr Wilson to anyone looking into having a reduction and I wished I had, had the surgery years again. Thanks

You can find these reviews and many more at Doctify and Realself.

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