A rhinoplasty procedure – perhaps more commonly known as a nose job – aims to reshape the nose so that it is more in proportion with the rest of the face. This may be achieved by increasing or decreasing the size of the nose, or by changing the shape or features of the nose which may be causing a sense of embarrassment or discomfort for the patient.

Mr Sherif Wilson is an expert plastic surgeon who can perform rhinoplasty in Bristol, Bath or Gloucester, at either Spire Bristol Hospital, Bath BMI Clinic or Winfield Hospital.

Why you might need a nose job

The nose is the central feature of the face and many people are self-conscious of the shape, which they may regard as too big, too small or have some other feature which they dislike.

Many patients who have rhinoplasty surgery have been unhappy with their nose for several years, often because they dislike the size of their nose or a feature of the nose such as the shape of the nostrils.

It’s also common for people who have damaged their nose – perhaps whilst playing sport – to have rhinoplasty surgery, especially if breathing has become more restricted following an incident.

Before rhinoplasty surgery

While rhinoplasty techniques are advanced, there are limitations as to how much the nose can be altered. Outcomes depend on the size of the nose, the condition of the skin and the age of the patient. The most important thing is that there is clear communication between a patient and a surgeon about what is desired and what is achievable.

Mr Wilson will meet with you at a consultation and asses your nose and what you would like to achieve from having a nose job. He will then provide recommendations of what can be achieved.

Rhinoplasty surgery is not recommended for patients under the age of the 16, as the nose is still developing and growing at this stage and therefore an operation is not advised.

Rhinoplasty surgery

There are two forms of nose reshaping operations. The precise nature of the operation will vary depending on the area of the nose that is being treated:

  • Closed rhinoplasty – the nose is reshaped from inside of the nostrils with no effect to the skin
  • Open rhinoplasty – the nose is reshaped by making a small cut on the nose and elevating the skin

Typically a nose job takes approximately two hours to complete and is carried out using general anaesthetic.

After rhinoplasty surgery

There is always some bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty surgery – particularly around the eyes – which can take up to two weeks to completely disappear. You will need to wear a firm splint over your nose for part of this time. By the end of two weeks, swelling will have settled sufficiently for you to look normal to others. Your nose will continue to feel rather numb and stiff for several months, particularly around the tip.

Most patients who have a nose job spend at least one night in hospital following their operation. It is advised to not return to work within the first two weeks to allow for a sufficient recovery. Rigorous exercise should be avoided for the first six weeks.

Risks with rhinoplasty surgery

As with all operations, there are risks involved. Minor bleeding following a nose job is common while heavy bleeding is very rare but can be severe. Some patients experience pain for a number of weeks. Slight irregularity in the bone or cartilage may be felt or occasionally seen.

Some patients will be dissatisfied with the outcome of a nose reshaping operation. Usually it is best to accept what improvement has been achieved and not opt for a further operation. However, it is sometimes reasonable to consider a further slight adjustment. For people who return for additional surgery, there is also a risk that the structural scaffolding of the nose could collapse. The nose is a delicate structure, and too much surgery can weaken and damage it.

Rhinoplasty reviews

I am so pleased I made the decision to choose Dr Wilson as my surgeon. I recently had Rhinoplasty and the results are absolutely amazing, everything I was hoping for and even better. Very professional and would highly recommend to everybody.

I always felt reassured and confident in Mr Wilson’s calm and professional manner. All my questions were answered and I was given a clear and honest account of what would take place during and after my operation. There were no surprises and the results were exactly as I had been described. Good follow up appointments and I always felt I could talk to Mr Wilson about any of my concerns. Very pleased with the whole experience (reduction rhinoplasty).

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