Frequently asked questions

If you are a new client considering a breast, body or facial procedure, you will first be invited to make an appointment to see Mr Sherif Wilson MB, ChB, MS, FRCS (Plastic Surgery) at one of his clinics in Bristol, Bath or Gloucester.

Mr Wilson will talk you through exactly what you should expect from your chosen procedure and ensure that it is 100% right for you.

Please see below for a few of our more frequently asked questions or don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to speak to us about a certain procedure.

Questions we’re often asked before a consultation

How much do the clinics cost?

The fee for a self-funding initial cosmetic consultation will not exceed £180.00. There is no charge for any further self-funding consultations, including all post-operative check-ups. Insured initial consultations are charged at £200.00. Insured follow ups are charged at £175.00. The initial consultation fee for Breast Reconstruction is £375.00 (self-funding and insured). Should you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, a discretionary cancellation fee of up to 50% of the appointment may be charged.

For self-funding patients, we kindly ask that the consultation fee is settled prior to your appointment. We can take payment via a credit/debit card or bacs details can be provided upon request. Please contact us on the above numbers with your card details, to allow us to take payment and issue a receipt, if requested. Insured fees will be electronically billed to your medical insurance company following your consultation or treatment.

Do you offer virtual consultations?

We offer phone appointments for existing patients requiring follow up consultations. If you are a new patient, Mr Wilson will need to see you at least once, preferably twice, face to face prior to surgery, for an examination.

Is there an age limit on any cosmetic surgery?

Patients must be aged over 18 in the UK to undergo a procedure without parental consent. If there are no underlying health conditions and patents are fit and healthy to undergo a local/general anaesthetic, then procedures can be carried out at any age. A pre-operative assessment will be undertaken prior to surgery.

If I request to have multiple operations, can they be safely performed at the same time, or do I need to have them scheduled separately?

Yes, for most people, multiple procedures can be undertaken at the same time. There are higher risks of complications such as bleeding and more pain with multiple procedures, but this will be discussed in the consultation and then the decision can be made as to whether this is the best option.

If I have procedures scheduled separately, how long do I have to wait between procedures?

If it is decided the best option is to schedule the cosmetic procedures separately, you will need to wait a minimum of 6 months between each procedure. This gives your body time to heal and settle before having the next procedure.

What will the scarring be like? Will it be visible? How can I help minimize this?

Different procedures have different shaped scars. Scars will be visible initially but over time they will mature and become less visible. Once healed, you can massage scars with moisturiser to break down the tissue and eventually they will be less visible.

Questions we’re asked about consultations

What happens at the clinics?

The appointments are typically 30 minutes for cosmetic or ‘lumps and bumps’ appointments and breast reconstruction consultations will last 1 hour. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the procedure you’re considering, and Mr Wilson will highlight the options you have available and make recommendations for how best to proceed.

Questions we’re asked about what happens after a consultation

What happens after the clinic?

You will receive a clinic letter, a copy of which will be sent to your GP. This will include a quote for the procedure that has been discussed.

Patients that are happy with the quote and want to go ahead will be offered a theatre date – typically within 2-3 weeks of the initial consultation or at a date that is convenient for you, at your choice of hospital location.

Those with medical insurance will be provided with a code and will need to get authorisation from their insurer for the procedure.

Will I see Mr Wilson again before surgery?

Mr Wilson likes to see his patients at least twice prior to surgery to ensure they are happy with everything and to answer any remaining questions.

Mr Wilson does not charge patients that are self-funding for any additional preoperative consultations.

Questions we’re asked about what happens after surgery

Can I see Mr Wilson after surgery?

Mr Wilson will want to see you after surgery. We do not charge for post-operative follow up consultations. We usually review you at two weeks, when the dressings and sutures are removed, again at six weeks to check on the wounds and to advise regarding getting back to normal activities, at six months to ensure the patient is happy with the results and a year post-operatively as the final check.

For insured breast reconstruction patients follow ups are charged at £175. Insured skin follow ups are also charged at £175.

Will I need help during recovery to care for myself (my children, my pets)? For example, will I be able to carry my own groceries? Do light housework? Drive?

You will require help for the first week to two weeks post-surgery, especially with heavy lifting for up to 6 weeks. There aren’t any specific guidelines regarding driving after having surgery (apart from waiting 48 hours if you have had a general anaesthetic), as long as you are in control of the vehicle. It is recommended to speak with the insurance company first to ensure they don’t have any specific guidelines.